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Beef tongue recalled, tonsils possibly still attached

November 10, 2012 The United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Friday that Black Earth Meat Market Inc. is recalling approximately 99 pounds of beef tongue products because they may not have had the tonsils completely removed. Regulations require that cattle of all ages must have their tonsils removed, as they are a specified risk material: tissues that are known to contain the infective agent in cattle infected with Bovine Spongiform…

Long, hot summer sends food prices soaring

Hong Kong, August 31, 2012: A summer of droughts and extreme temperatures across the world threaten the planet's most vulnerable people, as food prices rise. A new report from the World Bank has revealed global food prices soared by 10% in July, with staples such as maize and soybean increasing by 25% to an all-time high. The drought-hit United States -- the world's largest exporter of grains such as maize -- is facing the worst production shortfalls since the "Dust Bowl" of the 1930s,…

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