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Uncompetitive Pakistani wheat prices halt export

By Tanveer Sher KARACHI: Owing to uncompetitive rates of Pakistani wheat in the international market, the export of the commodity fizzled out thus bringing the process to a virtual halt. Compared to Pakistani wheat, which is currently priced at $320 to $325 per metric tonne, the commodity is available in India at $290 to $300 per tonne, US and Australia at $280 to $285 per tonne and Ukraine at $225 to $240 per tonne. Pakistani wheat was priced at around $275 to $280 per metric…

Quality concerns likely to affect Pakistani wheat export to Iran

November 13, 2012 FAZAL SHER Pakistan is still awaiting a response from Iranian authorities after collection of samples of Pakistani wheat by Iranian inspectors two weeks ago to check its quality which would determine whether Iran would import one million tons of wheat as part of barter trade between the two countries. "Iranian inspectors visited Pakistan in the first week of the current month and collected samples of Pakistani wheat to check karnal bunt or Tilletia in wheat but…

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