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Kitchen Composting: How To Compost Food Scraps From The Kitchen

By Bonnie L. Grant I think by now the composting word has gotten out. The benefits far outweigh simple waste reduction. Compost increases the water retention and drainage of soil. It helps keep weeds down and adds nutrients to the garden. If you are new to composting, you may wonder how to compost food scraps. There are many ways to begin kitchen waste composting. Start saving scraps and let’s get started. Kitchen Composting Info It may seem odd at first to save old food and trimmings…

Organic farms in Greater Taunton bring a different choice to the table

BERKLEY, Aug 26, 2012: While growing produce without the use of synthetic pesticides and manufactured fertilizers may present its share of difficulties, organic vegetable farms have sprouted up all over southeastern Massachusetts. Alex Houtzager of Berkley converted his small family farm into an organic vegetable farm about eight years ago, citing the health benefits and better taste of vegetables that are grown naturally. “We were looking for an educational process for the community to…

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