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Functional genetic variation in humans: comprehensive map published

Geuvadis RNA seq study European scientists, led by researchers from the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine (UNIGE) in the GEUVADIS project, present a map that points to the genetic causes of differences between people. The study, published in Nature and Nature Biotechnology, offers the largest-ever dataset linking human genomes to gene activity at the level of RNA. Understanding how each person’s unique genome makes them more or less susceptible to disease is one of the biggest…

Pak scientist develops highest yielding rice strain

November 20, 2012 By Sayyed Paras Ali A Pakistani scientist, Dr Fida Abbasi has developed Super NPT technology which is a unique technology for increasing the rice production of the country. Dr Abbasi had been serving at Hazara University Mansehra as a professor at the Department of Genetics. “By applying this technology the number of grains per panicle of rice plant had been increased from 250 to 700,” Dr. Abbasi said this while talking to the media here. According to him, the…

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