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Growing Eggplant: Kitchen garden

Bonnie Plants Eggplant a must if you’re a fan of outdoor grilling! These stately plants make grow well and look beautiful in containers, ornamental borders, raised beds, and traditional in-ground gardens. Small-fruited eggplant varieties tend to be especially heavy bearers, and you can expect to pick a dozen or more from each Ichiban plant over the summer in warm climates. Larger varieties like Black Beauty and White, which bear more traditional-sized fruits, are equally impressive…

How to Grow Eggplant (White Brinjal): Organic Gardening

By Willi Galloway Organic Gardening White Brinjal: The range of sizes, shapes, and colors of the heat-loving eggplant (Solanum melongena) tells the story of its enduring popularity. Native to India, where it grows wild, it has been cultivated in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. Europe was introduced to the vegetable in the 8th century via the Moors, who brought it to Spain, Sicily, and southern France via North Africa. In the sunny, dry climate of the Mediterranean basin, eggplant…

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