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Developing Countries Dominate Global Production of Biotech Crops

The world is different today than how it was 17 years ago. Seventeen years ago, there were only 5.8 billion people in the world (The World Bank). Today, the world’s population has grown to more than 7 billion (Population Reference Bureau), and is estimated to be at a staggering 8 billion by 2030, or 17 years from now. Today, the world has more to feed, clothe, and shelter. Doing this on limited and decreasing resources and inputs is an insurmountable task – a challenge that has been met with a…

What is agricultural biotechnology?

by Jonathan Strickland Agricultural Biotechnology: For thousands of years, humans have manipulated nature to grow the best crops and livestock. By matching together various strains of crops or animals, we've guided the developmental path of countless organisms. If you were to step back in time thousands of years, the crops you'd see would look very different -- in some cases, they'd be unrecognizable! Agricultural biotechnology is a set of tools and disciplines meant to modify organisms…

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