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Tick vaccine development: Livestock

By Umair Ahsan, Haroon Rashid Chaudhry Introduction Blood-feeding parasites have been reported to be the vectors of broad spectrum of disease agents since a long history. Ticks are one of those blood-sucking arthropods, responsible for a huge variety of heavy economic losses, caused by the direct effect of infestation, by injecting their toxins, through high morbidity and mortality, or by damaging the hides, and most importantly the reduction in production by lowering the performance of…

Staff Required

Staff Required for the project "Supply Chain Improvement of Selected Agricultrue and Livestock Products" New You can download the followings: Job Descriptionof for the post of Chief Coordinator Job Descriptionof for the post of Manager (Finance) Job Descriptionof for the post of Manager (Coordination) Pakistan Pre-Qualification Of Firm(S) As Supply And Service Companies For Provision Of Laser Units To Farmers/ Service Providers Under “Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity…

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