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AFP asks government to stop Rs 80 billion worth of gas pilferage

March 18, 2014 Agri Forum Pakistan (AFP) Chairman Dr Ibrahim Mughal has urged the government to take steps for stopping pilferage of gas worth Rs 80 billion per annum instead of raising its prices. Talking to media persons on Monday, Dr Mughal claimed that gas companies were demanding increase of 30 to 40 per cent in gas prices, which was total unjustifiable. He said that the government should stop 11 per cent gas theft and also control corruption prevailing in these companies, which might…

Wholesale dealers earning 200pc profit on veggies

Govt fails to force middlemen to take stocks out of cold storage LAHORE  - The prices of essential kitchen items including vegetables have inflated sharply as stockists and wholesale dealers in vegetable markets are enjoying profit of 150 per cent to 200 per cent due to lack of provincial government’s writ which is responsible to control the rates. Agri Forum of Pakistan (AFP) chairman Ibrahim Mughal observed that the mafia sitting in wholesale markets of Lahore and Karachi have been…

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