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Wave energy plants in Brazil

Africa, Brazil, India, Biafra, Afganistan, and all the other.. stans and Argentina are building clean alternative energy Wave Energy Plant

Do business, Get help :: Zarai Media

We are offering you the best rates for advertisements and position you at the best place or you can sponsor our portal for the betterment of Agriculture n livestock community. Zarai Media aim is to bring e-culture concept in our country and introduce our Agriculture n livestock community to the world. Zarai Media

WORLD POULTRY: How Chicks Hatch in Hatchery – Complete Process

Must watch You’ll see the complete process that how eggs are processed and become chicks in 18 days, what vaccines are used during hatching process and all other information. Do watch this video and don’t forget to share it with you loved once because sharing is caring! Poultry, World Poultry, Video Business Angels

hi friends Welcome you to Zarai Media. ZaraiMedia has an explosive potential to uplift the national economy. ZaraiMedia aims to connect all stakeholders of Pakistan’s Agronomical enterprise through optimal exchange of information and knowledge for better profits. Some times Farmers are failed to earn high income level in agriculture industry due to lack of information,proper planning. Huge procurement cost and poor quality control is also responsible for it. …

ZaraiMedia- the World’s Leading Professional Agricultural Info Bank

A worldwide market is waiting for, to know your products, services and activities. We are here to offer you and your customers a platform were you can both come close for business activities and discussions. We, ZariaMedia is the world’s largest Agriculture Media Portal offering Global online forum where both producers and interested consumers or client can meet any time, do business, get help from expertise or simply share ideas, experiences and information. …

PLDDB baled silage

PLDDB campsite who intended to buy bales, it shows the worst fodder being chopped purchased by PLDDB to make the so called HIGH QUALITY SILAGE bales to serve the livestock farmers community of Punjab under supervision of G.M nutrition Retd Col. Arshad Shad and site incharge Retd Col. Qamar Riaz. They were hired to maintain a higher quality but instead they have started fattening themselves by purchasing throw away quality fodder at cheaper rates from farmers, while charging Govt. of…

Urban Farming: 5 cool examples of urban agriculture

Urban Farming: With its massive urban sprawl and busy streets, Tokyo doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of place you would find farmland, but Tokyoites are waking up to the fact that growing your food closer to home means more food security and less pollution from transport. The problem is finding the space in the city and cultivating–if you will excuse the pun–the expertise. But where there is a will, there is a way, and some Japanese have found truly ingenious ways to bring farming to…

ڈینگی علامات، علاج اور معلومات: Defence Against Dengue Mosquito Must Watch

ڈینگی علامات، علاج اور معلومات ڈینگی علامات، علاج اور معلومات: Defence Against... by zaraimedia : Defence Against Dengue Mosquito Must Watch The Asian Tiger mosquito, or Aedes albopictus, is another type of mosquito that has the potential to spread dengue fever Where they breed The dengue only lives and breeds in urban environments, particularly around people's homes and backyards. The dengue mosquito does not live or breed in swamps, creeks, rivers, bush land or mangroves.…

An Apple Harvesting Video

APPLE HARVESTING by zaraimedia It's time for the apple this video Latest information all about Apple Harvest..... An Apple Harvesting Video Published in

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