Zarai Media is offering exclusive advertisement to Advertisers. Zarai Media has a vast range of web traffic, mainly;

+ Farming Communities
+ Agriculture Commodities Traders/Whole sellers/Distributes
+ Research Institutes
+ Agriculture Universities
+ Government Official
+ Fertilizer Industry
+ Exporters/Importers
+ Global Organizations who seeking information about Pakistan Agriculture

Further more Advertiser’s BRAND to its emailing data base i.e. over 10,000 progressive farmers/officials/distributes Network.

Registered Professionals & are receiving weekly newsletter.


Ad Type Placement Dimensions Rich Text Page Cost/Month
Leaderboard Top right 275 X 275 Yes All  Pages or Entire Web Site $ US 300
Box Ad Top Right 275 X 275 Yes Top Story and Respective Page/Category Association e.g.,

  • Hot Issues
  • Livestock
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Crops
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • News Channel
$ US 100
Box Ad Right Column 300 X 250 Yes All pages or Entire Web Site. Will be display in right column in all stories, pages including Home Page. $ US 150
Billboard Home Page Only, In between Top Story and National News 800 X 100or800 X 150 Yes Only on Home Page $ US 125
Text Link User Defined Max 50 Characters No User Defined $ US 100


1. Banner pointing should be provided at the time of placement.
2. Rates B apply to main page of section and all pages in that sections ie news section and all news pages.
3. All the above charges are for one month’s advertisement..


For questions;

1 – Gohawa Stop (Opp. Toyota Motors),
Airport Road DHA  Lahore Cantt Pakistan
Tell: +92-42-35701115-6
Fax +92-42-35701115

Khurram Shehzad


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