Plan to improve agriculture productivity charted out


January 29, 2015 – BR Report –

Punjab Agriculture Department has formulated a plan costing Rs 152.328 million to improve agriculture productivity of Rabi and Kharif crops through balanced use of fertilizer in the province. Official sources told us. On Wednesday that under the plan, special attention will be accorded on improvement of soil nutrient status through NPK fertilisers and micronutrients according to the requirement of crop in different ecological zones.

Punjab contributes a major share in agricultural economy of the country by providing about 83 percent of cotton, 80 percent wheat, 97 percent of aromatic rice, 63 percent of sugarcane and 51 percent maize to national food production. However, the cultivable lands in the province are highly deficient in soil nutrients due to extensive cropping especially areas where farmers produce more than two high yielding, extensive and exhaustive crops per year. The significant increase in crop output could be achieved by moving fertilizer applications towards a more balanced doze. Under the programme, seminars would be arranged for showcasing the results.

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