9 Ways To Create Your Own Luck

Amy Capetta – January 14, 2015 – Yahoo –

How to become one of the “lucky ones.” (Photo: Getty Images

Have you wondered why some people always seem to land on their feet while others are constantly in the midst of turmoil? Or why some friends have frequent chance encounters with interesting and influential people, yet others are always complaining about the number of doors being slammed in their faces?

While luck may very well be the answer, here’s the good news: We all have it in us to be lucky. Experts agree that luck is like a magnet, which means we can attract prosperity, fateful meetings, and huge windfalls by simply changing our mindset. Find out how to turn the wheel of fortune in your favor by practicing these nine winning strategies:

Take Responsibility

The starting point in this process is shifting your mentality from victim to victor, says Marci Shimoff, an internationally recognized transformation leader and author of The New York Times best-selling book “Happy for No Reason.”

“The victims are the ones who think, ‘Life is going to happen to me and I’m either going to be lucky or unlucky,’ and that is just not true,” she says. “But the victors wake up each day and say, ‘I am going to make my life and create what I want.’”

State Your Intention

Shimoff has a “power formula” to manifest positivity in your life. Step one: Be clear on exactly where you’d like to see the luck revealed. “If you want luck in your career, what would that look like to you?” asks Shimoff. “Remember that things always happen twice — they happen first in the mind, and then they happen in reality. Intention is your vision.”

Show Your Attention

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The second step involves putting your energy — meaning your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions — behind your intention. “The feelings are the real juice behind it all,” states Shimoff. “If you can’t feel the way you would feel as if you’ve had a lucky life, then you won’t be able to manifest it.”

Live with No Tension

Shimoff finds this step to be the most challenging for people living in today’s society because it’s about “arriving” at a place of relaxation. “The goal is to not be attached to the outcome,” she explains. “When we’re happy for no reason, when we have an inner sense of peace and well-being, it opens the spaciousness for the luck to come pouring in.”

Express Your Gratitude

“Feeling grateful for what you have helps the door to luck open wider,” says Shimoff. So even though you may crave a new job, a bigger paycheck, or to be in a romantic relationship, be thankful for everything and everyone in your life at this moment. “When we ignore or dismiss what we already have, it shuts down the pipeline to more good coming in.”

Stop Overanalyzing

Do yourself a favor and fight the urge to dissect every aspect of every situation. “All of us overthink choices that lie ahead,” says Bob Miglani, an executive at a Fortune 50 company and author of “Embrace the Chaos.” “Thinking is important, but often we let our minds direct us forward.” Your best bet: Stop thinking, and start feeling. “Lucky people seem to lead from the heart, not from the head,” he says.

Let Go of Past Failures

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Learning to dust yourself off from previous setbacks and disappointments will also increase your odds of catching some lucky breaks. “The biggest way we block our luck is by lack of forgiveness,” explains Shimoff. “Holding onto resentment, grudges, and anger cuts off the flow of luck coming to us. No matter what someone’s challenge may be — finances, relationships, health — one of the first things I suggest is to practice forgiveness.”

Embrace Your IQ

Being a member of Mensa will not increase your chances of opportunities landing in your lap. In fact, “lucky people admit they’re not smart,” Miglani says. “They become smart by trying and reading. They ask questions, welcome new ideas, and toil away at their craft day in, day out. And they recognize that happiness and success in life comes from constant learning.”

Accept That Random Luck Does Not Exist

If you’ve been under the assumption that being lucky comes down to a sprinkling of fairy dust, think again, says Miglani. “Lucky people know they were not born lucky and they do not count on luck,” he says. “They simply make a choice to think differently and to take action.”

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