Prices of food grains, other essential items further decline



January 12, 2015 -Amjad Ali Shah-BR Report –

The effects of lower oil prices are subsequently observed with passage time, as prices of food grains and other essential commodities of daily usage; except retaining high rates of meat, chicken and flour, further fell in wholesale and retail market. Traders and vendors in provincial metropolis attributed that prices of essential food times, went down because of fresh arrival of these commodities and improved cultivation of these commodities in the country. They also said the substantial cut in prices of petroleum products, also brought positive impact to decline prices in the local market.

The buyers appreciated the government for slashing substantially in prices of all kind of petroleum products, which directly benefited to them and urged to bring fuel prices at global market rates, to get further relief.

According to survey in local wholesale market, conducted by Business Recorder, it was noticed that prices of almost all kind of grocery items, plunged up to 70 to 80 percent, but no change was recorded in prices of chicken meat, milk, sugar, cow meat, beef, and other staple food items.

A 49-kilogram bag of rice is being sold at Rs 5800, which was selling at Rs 6200 per bag, during preceding week, while bag of moonge weight 49-kg available at Rs 6600, and Rs 6000 against the old price of Rs 7000.

Similarly, Dal channa 49-kg bag is being selling at Rs 3,600, which was earlier sold at Rs 4,000, while malaka masoor available at Rs 5800 against Rs 6000, Red bean being sold at Rs 4000 against Rs 4500, mawa at Rs 6,000, sac of 49-kg.

According to survey, it was witnessed that a 49-kg bag of daal maach is available at Rs 7000 against the old rate of Rs 7500, mongi daal sac weight 49-kg, being sold at Rs 7000, and Rs 7500. While, a 49-kg bag of Dal green is available at Rs 6200 in wholesale market.

During the survey, a mix trend in prices of all kind of cooking oil/ghee, with different brand and quality, witnessed. A 10-litre gallon of cooking oil is available at Rs 1670; five-kg tin of ghee is being sold at Rs 940, while 16-litre cooking oil is available at Rs 2170. A five-kg sugar is available at Rs 260 against Rs 280, during the preceding week. aA considerable decline was also recorded in prices of all kind of veggies, as five-kilogram onion is being sold at Rs 150 against Rs 200, however, price of tomato is retaining as available five-kg at Rs 250 and Rs 280. A five-kg patoto is being sold at Rs 150 against Rs 250 during the preceding week.

Peas only veggie, which price is almost high in the market, as five-kg available at Rs 400 and Rs 450, while shimla mirch five-kg, also sold at Rs 400, and lady finger five-kg available at Rs 400 in the wholesale market. A five-kg cabbage is available at Rs 120, cauliflower five-kg at Rs 150, calabash five-kg at Rs 100, tinda five-kg at Rs 120, turnip five-kilogram at Rs 120, and bringal five-kg at Rs 250.

The survey noticed that a five-kilogram ginger is available Rs 160, while garlic five-kg being sold at Rs 120. A five-kg green chilli is being available at Rs 120, whereas a five-kilogram cucumber is available at Rs 400 and Rs 450, and five-kg lemon being sold at Rs 120.

Prices of chicken registered a manifold increased as good weight chicken is available at Rs 280 and Rs 300, while chicken meat sold at Rs 165 per kilogram, against the Rs 120 during the preceding week. A dozen of farm egg is being sold at Rs 130 and original red egg available at Rs 150 and Rs 160 per dozen.

In the survey, it was noticed that prices of cow meat and beef, remained unchanged, as available at Rs 300 and Rs 650 per kilogram respectively. Fresh milk is available at Rs 90 and Rs 70 per litre, yogurt being sold at Rs 90 and Rs 80 per kg. Carton pack milk of various companies and brand is available with different rates, as a carton of12 packs, weight one-litre is being sold at Rs 1100, Rs 1050, Rs 910 and Rs 860.

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