Off-season vegetables: growers advised to maintain temperature inside tunnels


January 09, 2015 – BR Report –

Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) has advised the growers of off-season vegetables to maintain the temperature inside tunnels from 15 degree centigrade to 30 degree centigrade to save the vegetables from diseases and ensuring a better yield.

A spokesman of the provincial Agriculture department said here on Thursday that temperature of the tunnel should be maintained at 18 degree centigrade to 24 degree centigrade for cucumber, squash, pumpkin, egg plant, melon and water melon while for capsicum and green chillies the temperature should be from 21 degree centigrade to 24 degree centigrade. While for tomato the temperature should be maintained at 21 to 29 degree centigrade.

The spokesman also advised the growers to open tunnel doors during the day so as to ensure that temperature and moisture should remain at reasonable level for avoiding attack of any disease. Increase in temperature during the day proves beneficial for plants during night, the spokesman added.

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