Pakistan’s Bio-remediation model to be replicated in OIC member countries


December 21, 2014

ISLAMABAD (APP)– Pakistan’s Bio-remediation model for the waste water treatment and capacity building would be replicated in Turkey, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh.

The Bio-remediation model which was developed by National Institute of Bio-remediation (NIB) of National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) would also be introduced later in other Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries, said a statement issued here on Sunday. In this regard NIB in collaboration with Standing Committee on Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC) organised a two-day international workshop on “Pakistan Bio-remediation Model for Capacity Building,” to share the experiences of other member countries.

The Committee decided the model initially would be introduced in four countries and later among the other OIC member countries for waste water treatment and capacity building. The meeting also decided that COMCEC will assist NIB and NARC for transfer of technology to OIC-member countries for water resource management as well as to protect the environment. Speaking on the occasion, COMCEC Head Fateh Kaya said that Mayor of Ankara will come on official visit to Islamabad to witness Pakistan’s Model of Bio-remediation for replication in Turkey.

He said that NIB will transfer Bio-remediation technology, initially to Turkey, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh and later to other OIC member countries. Addressing the conference Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Maroof Afzal said that CDA has signed memorandum of understanding with NIB for cleaning sewerage water in 15 big drains. In this connection initially NIB has started work in Rose and Jasmine Garden and F-9 Part which will also work on other drains to improve environment of Islamabad, he said.

NIB Director Dr Yousaf Riaz, apprized that NIB over during last seven years has developed a package of low cost green biotechnology for the treatment of domestic waste water for lowering the stress on existing fresh water resources. He said that the technology was able to transforms domestic waste water to valued water, which could be used in agriculture and other related sectors. He said that currently, model wetland is being established at Rose and Jasmine Garden with the collaboration of CDA to manage one of the waste water drainage of the city and reclaim water for use in the garden. Another plant, he said to reclaim 10 cusec of waste water through a constructed wetland at Babu Sabu (Lahore) was under progress and also a bio-remediation facility is being constructed in Fatima Jinnah

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