Pakistan facing SPS challenges in trade globalisation: Bosan


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Islamabad—Federal Minister for Ministry of National Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan said that trade Globalisation is blessing on one side but it has posed us to massive challenges. Sikandar Bosan has said that Empirical evidence suggests that globalisation has significantly boosted economic growth in East Asian economies such as Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, and Singapore. But not all developing countries are equally engaged in globalisation or in a position to benefit from it. Pakistan is one of these countries.

Bosan has stated that the biggest challenge to this sector is to develop this particular area that required technology and knowledge for export of horticulture products. The value addition e.g. grading, quality control and packaging that comply SPS requirements play a vital role to boost our trade in the specific area. Federal Minister has said that in the globalise world, Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures are applied on the grounds that such measures are necessary to protect human, animal, or plant life or health from risks arising from the entry or spread of plant- or animal-borne pests or diseases, or from additives, contaminants, toxins, or disease-causing organisms in foods, beverages, or feedstuffs. These SPS measures play an increasingly critical role in shaping the flow of global trade.

Bosan has stated that if we have a review of the Pakistan’s capacity in SPS perspective, then Pakistan is counted among those countries, which export less and import more. Resultantly, we loss economically and ecologically, and are prone to spread of exotic pest and diseases. Higher cost of production, invisible input subsidies and absence of regulatory regimes in Pakistan create room for imports.

Bosan said that Pakistan, in particular experiences problems in meeting the Quarantine & SPS requirements of developed countries and, it is claimed, this can seriously impede its ability to export agricultural and food products. The problems in meeting the SPS requirements in exporting agricultural and food products from Pakistan are; insufficient access to scientific/technical expertise. Bosan has said that there is incompatibility of SPS requirements with domestic production/marketing channels. There is poor access to financial resources as well as awareness of SPS requirements amongst the stakeholders.(Pakistan Observer)

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