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Right To Play is play-based programs, teach children many life skills, including the importance of trust.

Contact Us:

International Headquarters​
Right To Play International
65 Queen Street West,
Thomson Building, Suite 1900, Box 64
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2M5
Tel:​ +1 416.498.1922
Fax: +1 416.498.1942​
General: info@righttoplay.com
Volunteering: recruitment@righttoplay.com
Careers: hr@righttoplay.com
Media: kpearson@righttoplay.com
Donations: donations@righttoplay.com

National Offices
Canadian National Office
Lori Smith, National Director
65 Queen Street West,
Thomson Building, Suite 400, Box 64
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2M5
Tel:​ +1 416. 203.0190
Email: canada@righttoplay.com
Website: www.righttoplay.ca

The Netherlands National Office
Karijn Akkerman, in ‘tVeld
Laan van Nieuw Oost Indie 123
The Netherlands
Tel:​ +31 (0) 70.315.3490
Email: info@righttoplay.nl
Website: www.righttoplay.nl

Norway National Office
Laila Andresen, National Director
Idrettens Hus
Ulleval Stadion
Sognsveien 75L
N-0855 Oslo, Norway
Tel:​ +47 2102.9000
Email: laila.andresen@nif.idrett.no
Website: www.righttoplay.no
Switzerland National Office
Anja Levermann & Sonja Ringdal
Co-National Directors
Seefeldstrasse 162
CH-8008 Zurich
Tel:​ +41 44.552.04.88
Email: alevermann@righttoplay.com
Website: www.righttoplay.ch

United Kingdom National Office
Meryl Davies, National Director
The Foundry,
17-19 Oval Way
London SE11 5RR
Tel:​ +44 (0) 203.574.4620
Email: mdavies@righttoplay.org.uk
Website: www.righttoplay.org.uk

United States National Office
Sharon Petrie, Vice President, National Offices
49 West 27th Street,
Suite 930,
New York, NY 10001
United States of America
Tel:​ +1 646.649.8280
Email: info@righttoplayusa.org
Website: www.righttoplayusa.org ​

Right To Play

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