UN urged to take notice of water aggression by India

September 19, 2014 –


Indus Water Council (IWC) Chairman Muhammad Salman Khan and Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) Central President Sardar Zafar Khan have urged the United Nations to take notice of water aggression by India against Pakistan and ask India to install a telemetry system at all dams built by it at controversial locations. In a joint statement issued here on Thursday, the IWC chairman and KBP president said that the UN was established to maintain peace and justice in the world but its performance remained unsatisfactory.

They said the world was crying that the wars of the future would be fought over water but both the UN and the so-called civilised world had never taken a serious notice of this problem. They said if not taken seriously water issue might trigger a war between two nuclear neighbour which would be a threat not only to South Asia but to the whole world. The UN should realise the gravity of the situation and meet all the requirements of justice to resolve this issue. They alleged unjustifiable treatment was meted out to Pakistan in the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 whereby Pakistan was fully deprived of three eastern rivers. As a result of which aquatic and wildlife in rivers Ravi, Beas and Sutlej had vanished.

They said, however, as per that the agreement India could not build a big reservoir over Indus, Jhelum and Chenab rivers but the role of India remained very regrettable. It was stopping water to Pakistan, causing an irreparable loss to agriculture and pushing the country towards food shortages. They said India”s dishonesty could not be ruled out in recent floods in Chenab and Jhelum.

They said the UN should take the notice of Indian water aggression and ensure India install a telemetry system over its dams to remove misunderstandings between the two neighbours. It will help Pakistan to get timely information about any increase or decrease in inflows of rivers while usage of excessive water by India in violation of the Indus Water Treaty could also be monitored.

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