Agriculture plains will be in grip of gusty winds, Met Office warns farmers

September 03, 2014 -BR Report –


Gusty winds are likely to grip the agriculture plains of the country in the next 10 days, the met office has warned the farmers. The office in its 10-day farmers’ advisory ending on September 10, said that “normal to gusty wind pattern may prevail in most of the agricultural plains of the country”.

However, temperature is expected to remain normal in most of the agriculture plains of the country, it said, adding that “rainfall/gusty winds after irrigation cause water logging of standing crops like maize, sugarcane and cotton”. It advised the farmers to be careful under the prevailing circumstances and warned them of the pest and viral attacks on their standing crops.

“Pest/viral attacks and more weeds growth are expected during the current and expected monsoon rains in sugarcane and other standing crops in upper parts of the country,” it pointed out. It asked the farmers to take timely precautionary measures to protect the crops from disasters. It also advised the growers who irrigate crops through tube-wells to schedule their irrigation in line with the expected rainy spells. “Farmers of rainfed areas obtaining water through tube wells and irrigated areas in upper parts are advised to schedule the irrigation according to the expected weather,” it said.

It said farmers should take measures to protect their crops, livestock and other property from expected rains. “Farmers of cotton belt are advised to be aware of the adverse effects of stagnant water in the fields during monsoon,” it urged. It said that the farmers should evolve mechanism for drainage of stagnant water from fields on a priority basis and take necessary requirements in this regard.

“Viral/pests attacks on cotton and sugarcane crops have been reported in agricultural plains of the country. These attacks may further enhance due to coming monsoon rains. Farmers should be careful to control these attacks in time,” it alerted. Light to moderate rainfalls at isolated places is expected over most of the agricultural plains of Punjab during the forecast period till September 10.

The office said light rainfall expected at isolated places of lower Sindh during the first five days of the forecast period. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, heavy falls at isolated places are expected over most of the agricultural plains of the province. In Balochistan, it said mainly dry weather is expected in the province. However, it said, light rainfall is expected in north western parts of the province. Mostly cloudy weather with light to moderate rainfall over hills is expected in most parts of Gilgit-Baltistan during 1st half of the period. Mainly cloudy weather with light to moderate rainfall over hills is expected in isolated parts of Kashmir till September 5, the office said.

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