September sowing: growers advised to select sugarcane variety

August 30, 2014 – BR Report –


Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) advised the growers to select sugar cane variety for September sowing keeping in view their production capability and resistance against pests and diseases. A spokesman of the Department said here on Thursday that during the year 2013-14, sugar cane was planted over 18.70 million acres of land in the province and a production of 43.7 million tons was attained thus registering an average production of 626.1 maund per acre while some progressive farmers were getting very high production.

The spokesman said the growers had to adopt latest sowing techniques to bridge the gap between per-acre yield attained by an average farmer and progressive farmer. He advised that for early sowing growers should use CPF-243, HSF-242, CP400-77, CPF-237 and HSF-240 while for medium term varieties SPF-213, CPF-246, CPF-247 and SPF-245 were suitable.

The spokesman further said whole month of September is suitable for sugar cane sowing and seed should be healthy and devoid of any disease or pest. He also advised that organic or green fertilizer should be used to meet the nutritional requirements of the crop while chemical fertilisers should be used after analysis of the land.

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