Germany stresses uplift of bilateral ties

July 27, 2014



German Ambassador in Pakistan Dr Cyrill Nunn said that Pakistan and Germany have good relations that could be further boosted through trade, social and cultural programmes.

“Efforts are needed for this purpose at the government and public levels as both the countries have been enjoying friendly ties,” he said in a meeting with Cholistan Development Council of Pakistan Bahawalpur Executive Director Farooq Ahmed Khan.

The German envoy praised the people of Bahawalpur and the available resources in Cholistan. The resources could bring healthy change in the socio-economic uplift of the area if promoted on scientific lines as the livestock of Cholistan could play a vital role in this regard, he said.

He pledged to cooperate with Pakistani government for the promotion of Cholistani culture and livestock products through the coordination between the German Traders Organisations and the Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He said that he had learnt a lot about the history, civilisation and culture of the area which proved to be quite rich and it needed due publicity and response for the uplift of the desert and Bahawalpur.

The CDC executive director thanked the German envoy over kind sentiments and briefed him about the ongoing social, cultural, academic, literary, political and religious conditions of the area. The former said, “We have been living peacefully and trying the best to keep alive the interfaith harmony alive at every cost as we are all Muslims and Pakistanis. So it is our prime duty to keep peace alive and to protect others’ rights for brotherhood and harmony.”

He said, “We are united to curb extremism and terrorism to ensure peace in the country for national progress.” He remarked that the people of Bahawalpur were quite hardworking and competent, and Bahawalpur was quite rich and famous for agriculture and livestock. “These sectors could change the fate of the people if we succeed to regain peace in the country. Due to unrest, foreign investors have been avoiding to pump investment in the country,” he added.

He was of the view that joint forums for the promotion of ties and trade in different fields could bring healthy results and both the countries could avail more chances easily to strengthen the cordial relations among both countries.

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