Prices of essential items of daily use increase in KP

June 30, 2014



With advent of holy month of Ramazan, the prices of essential commodities of daily use have gone up noticeably compared to before the fasting month as registering an increase of 70 to 80 per cent, according to survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Sunday.

As manifold increase was witnessed in staple food, such as fruits, cooking oil, flour, sugar as well for the other traditional Ramazan-meal time, like ingredients such as dates fruits, vegetable, meat, dairy products, have also risen with the beginning of the holy month. The survey noticed the almost important kitchen basket, registered a 50 to 70 per cent increase, as the retailers and shopkeepers are charges buyers with exorbitant rates of all important daily use items, without displaying official price list.

Potato is most usable item during the holy month, available at around Rs 70-80 per kg, which is selling at Rs 50 per kg during last week. The price of tomato also surged up, which are selling at Rs 50 per kg with increase of Rs 30 per kg, and onion available Rs 50 against Rs 35 in the local market. Lemon is available at Rs 120 per kg. Ginger is available at 320 per kg against Rs 270 per kg during last week, while garlic selling at Rs 120-130 per kg. Green chili is available at Rs 90 per kg, which was selling at Rs 70 kg in last week.

Likewise, the prices of other veggies, also registered increase from Rs 10 to Rs 20 per kg, as Peas is available at Rs 100 per kg, cauliflower at Rs 60 per kg, cabbage at Rs 40 per, bringle at Rs 30 per kg, lady finger at Rs 100 per kg, Kado at Rs 50-60 per kg, Karela at Rs 40 per kg, Shimla mirch at Rs 80-100 per kg.

A sharp increase was also noticed in prices of almost all kind of pulses, with registering 20 to 30 percent increase in these commodities, while retailers and vendors are not selling pulses/grains as per official prices in open market. Baisan which is commonly use item in the holy month registered an increase from Rs 80 per kg, against Rs 60 per kg, Daal channa at Rs 80 per kg, Daal maach at Rs 150 per kg, Daal Masoor at Rs 120 per kg. Rice high quality is being sold at Rs 135 per kg, low quality rice at Rs 120 per kg, Tota rice at Rs 50 per kg, moonge at Rs 170 per kg. Sugar is being sold at Rs 56 per kg. Cooking oil/ghee of all brands, and variety, is available with range of Rs 180-205 per kg.

In the holy month of Ramazan, fruits which are considered as staple food, also registered a steep surge, as mango is available at Rs 100-120 per kg, which is selling at Rs 70 per kg during last week. Apple is available at Rs 200-250 against the Rs 150 per kg, banana at Rs 200 per kg against Rs 100 per kg, apricot at Rs 120 per kg, and peach at Rs 120-160 per kg. Dates commonly use item in holy month, is available at Rs 200-240 per kg.

The poultry dealers have increased the prices of these items putting extra burden on the middle and lower middle class of the capital, which are in majority. A good weight alive chicken is being sold at Rs 350-360, which is selling at Rs 250 during last week, while chicken meat also selling exorbitant rate as available at Rs 180 per kg, against official rate of Rs 145 per kg. Eggs is being available at Rs 70 per dozen. Cow meat is being sold at Rs 300 per kg, against the official rate of Rs 220, which mutton is available at Rs 600-700 per kg. Milk is available at Rs 95 per kg against the official fixed rate of Rs 75 per kg, while yogurt is being sold at Rs 90 against the official announced rate of Rs 80 per kg.

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