Punjab allocates Rs 35.572 billion to irrigation

June 14, 2014

Punjab government has allocated Rs 35572 million for Irrigation sector in the Annual Development Programme (ADP) 2014-15 against an allocation of Rs 23 billion 2013-14. According to the Budget document one of the key policy goals of ADP is rehabilitation and modernisation of Province’s irrigation network including barrages, canals and secondary irrigation channel.

This will help not only to address issue of water scarcity but also to mitigate potential threat to structural stability of century old water conveyance network. This is a serious concern emanating from the expected increase in frequency of super floods coupled with inter seasonal fluctuation of surface flows in the coming years due to climate change.

As many as total of 62 schemes, 47 ongoing schemes and 15 new schemes were included in the irrigation sector during 2013-14 covered wide-ranging water conservation, drainage and flood management, interventions along with programs envisaging irrigation system rehabilitation and development, and institutional reforms. Overall funding allocation in ADP 2013-14 has been Rs 23.000 billion.

Some of the significant development milestones in the irrigation sector during the financial Year are launching of the mega barrages rehabilitation & modernization projects at Jinnah over River Indus at a cost of Rs 12.7 billion, at Khanki over river Chenab at a cost of Rs 23.4 Billion, at Balloki over river Ravi at a cost of Rs 2.4 billion, at Sulemanki over river Sutlej at a cost of Rs 3.0 billion, at Trimmu on Cherah at a cost of Rs 12.1 billion and Punjnad on Cherah, at a cost of Rs 6 billion, accelerated implementation of the Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project.

Punjab Irrigation System Improvement (PISIP) projects entailing extensive irrigation canals and secondary channels remodelling projects to address irrigation water demand in 25% of province’s overall irrigated command area. Province-wide selective lining of distributaries and minors in number of canal commands in saline ground water and high seepage zones. Development of nine small dams serving for irrigation supplies to over 25,400 acre of rain-fed (barani) farm lands in Pothohar are also included in the Annual Development Programme. Besides this 100% completion of flood dispersion and management structures to harness and channelize hill torrents in D.G. Khan and Rajanpur districts to avoid flood devastation in vast areas in southern Punjab.

Keeping in view the importance of Irrigation Sector, a considerable allocation of Rs 35,572 Million has been provided in the Annual Development Programme 2014-15 to this Sector. Major Initiatives included in the ADP 2014-15. Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (PC-I) (Estimated cost of Rs 29, 832 million.

The details of the other on going projects are New Khanki Barrage Construction Project (Estimated cost of Rs 23,442 million Rehabilitation and up gradation of Trimmu Barrage, Punjnad Head Works (Estimated cost of Rs 18,185 million) is also included Punjab Barrages Improvement Phase-II Project (PBIP-II)-Jinnah Barrage (Estimated cost Rs 12,678 million) Rehabilitation of LCC System Part-B (Estimated cost Rs 12, 453 million) Punjab Irrigation System Improvement Project (Estimated cost Rs 11,534 million). Another important project in the irrigation sector is construction of Small Dams in Potohar area (Estimated cost of Rs 11, 900 million) Pakpatan canal and sulemanki Barrage Improvement Project (PCSBIP) (Estimated cost of Rs 7, 829 million) Management of Hill Torrent in D.G khan and Rajanpur District (Estimated cost of Rs 8, 205 million), Remodelling of SMB Link Canal and Enhancing Capacity of Mailsi Syphon (Estimated cost Rs 2, 571 million) are also part of ADP.

Construction of flood embankments and protection works along left and right bank of river Indus for Miranpur bridge (Estimated cost of Rs 1, 500 million) Remodelling and Extension of Tayyab Drain District and Tehsil Rajanpur (Estimated cost of Rs 915 million). Protection of Bhakhar Flood Bund from erosive action in between RD 0+000 to 76+000 to save the Abadies, Agricultural land & other infrastructure of Bhakhar City (Estimated cost of Rs 800 million) is also included in the ADP. Construction of Nutanki Flood Carrying Channel in District D.G khan (Estimated cost of Rs 615 million), Rehabilitation of Ahmadpur Branch System (Estimated cost of Rs 500 million are included in the fiscal year 2014-15.

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