Water flowing in four rivers rises to 314,000 cusecs at rim stations

June 11, 2014


The running water in the four live rivers has increased to 314,000 cusecs at their rim stations after warming up of weather in the mountainous regions of the country. According to 10th June WAPDA report about rivers flows and reservoirs level water inflow has increased by 25,000 cusecs in the mighty Indus during past two days. 78,000 cusecs water is flowing in river Kabul at Nowshera, 67,600 cusecs in the river Jhelum at Mangla dam and 54,400 cusecs in river Chenab at Marala.

The Indus River System Authority is releasing 276,000 cusecs in the sprawling irrigation canal network across the country for sowing and growing Kharif crops including cotton, sugarcane, rice, vegetables, and maize, fodder and fruit orchards. It is retaining 38,000 cusecs water in the Tarbela and Mangla dams.

The report said that 162,600 cusecs water is flowing at Jinnah barrage, 196,700 cusecs at Chashma barrage, 131,500 cusecs at Taunsa, 94,000 cusecs at Guddu barrage, 56,600 cusecs at Sukkur barrage and 12,605 cusecs at Kotri barrage on the river Indus. IRSA has stored 3.114 MAF water in the Mangla dam and 0.203 MAF in the Tarbela dam.

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