Rice growers face financial crisis because of neagre wages

Basmati rice
Basmati rice

June 08, 2014

Following poor wage system adopted by rice exporters, rice growers are facing immense difficulties to run their kitchen. According to rice grower, “exporters deliberately pay a meagre amount for rice paddy, ie Rs 400 to Rs 500 per 40 kilogram which is insufficient for them and the same rice after polished sold out at Rs 113 per kilogram in the market”. He said that farmers were facing financial crunch because of little wages. (Rice) محکمہ زراعت,

He further said that due to increase in prices up to Rs 800 to Rs 1, 000 per bag of fertiliser and farm-yard manure, some farmers mixed it with low quality of product, resultantly end up in producing low quality of rice which could decrease Pakistan’s rice value in international market.

Growers claimed that the factory owners did not pay them the required amount at once. Due to which their life suffers badly and if they want to grow some other crop on their land then the government lays pressure on them not to grow any other crop other than rice. On a contrary, Jawed Ghori, rice exporters said: “we are not responsible for wages of farmers as we do not buy paddy directly from growers, middle man or broker buy it from farmers and then sell it to rice exporters.”

The government has announced different schemes in the proposed budget 2014- 2015 for the betterment of farmers including credit guarantee scheme, crop loan insurance scheme for small farmers, livestock insurance and tractor sales tax reversed to 10 percent. Ayaz Hussain Gad, Deputy Managing Director of East West Insurance Corporation Limited, said: “the steps taken by the government in the budget 2014-2015 will help increase Gross Development Product of Pakistan and people would get jobs”. Courtesy Business Recorder

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