FCS chief vows to protect fishermen’ living


June 01, 2014

The newly appointed chairman of Fishermen Co-operative Society [FCS], Dr Nisar Morai, vowed on Saturday to protect the poor fishermen’s living, saying the present PPP government will expand its facilities to the seafaring community. Since taking over the FCS in January, he said his administration will always support the fishermen community to help increase opportunities for their living. He praised the Chief Minister of Sindh for issuing a notification to relax fishing ban in June this year.

“After becoming FCS chairman, I provided stipends to the poor fishermen, orphans, widows and aged people. I also release funds for poor fishermen’s daughters to help them get married,” he claimed. He said the FCS will not let the fishermen struggle for jobs during the ban month of July. He announced the FCS will provide ration, medicines and essential items to the fishermen during July.

He also appreciated Sindh Fisheries Minister Jam Khan Shoro for his support to lift the ban on fishing in June. He said the PPP government has also supported the poor and working class in the country. Morai said the FCS was planning to help the fishermen adopt modern techniques of fishing to increase their yield. The new way of fishing will help the fishermen grow their living, he hoped.

He urged the fishermen to avoid catching fish and shrimp during July with a view to help the marine species breed without troubles. He pledged to make the FCS a world standard organisation. The Karachi Fish Harbour Authority (KFHA) has already made it clear to all stakeholders to bar all boats from going deep sea for fishing in June. The KFHA officials said the authority will seal off the navigational channel for commercial fishing boats.

Pakistan seafood export posted a growth of $36.346 million (14 percent) to $292.127 million in July-April 2013-14. Seafood export was $255.781 million in July-April 2012-13, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) says. In term of volume: The seafood export surged by 8,864 metric tons (8 percent) to 1,21,456 metric tons in July-April 2013-14 from the commodity’s export of 1,12,592 metric tons in the same period last fiscal year, the PBS indicates. Courtesy Business Recorder

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