AGRIBUSINESS “needs Attention”

By Iqra Junejo


Before highlighting any thing on Agribusiness it is necessary to understand that economy of any country depends on Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. All three sectors are very important and are interrelated with each other decline in one sector can be responsible for decline in another sector and progress of one sector can be helpful in progress of another sector.

Agriculture is the backbone of any country no matter it is developed country or under developed country, it plays a very vital role in economic growth, rotation of economy and balancing of trade. Pakistan is agro based country and about 63% of rural population is directly or indirectly related with agriculture sector. Agriculture has more importance then other two sector because people feed on it and it provides raw material to the industry like textile industry, cooking oil, biscuits manufacturing, rice mills, flour mills, and agriculture has great potential to earn foreign exchange as many crops are being exported from Pakistan but unfortunately after passing many years of independence we couldn’t pay attention towards this important sector and business operations related with agricultural commodities.

Law and order situation and energy crises are the two major problems which compelled our industrialist to shift there business to the Bangladesh, Nigeria and other countries and it is matter of fact that these two countries are not save as well many strikes were observed in Bangladesh and Nigeria is also victim of terrorism and we have also observed that performance of stock exchange depends on law and order situation , political circumstances and civil military relationship an investor can suffer from sudden losses in his or her business if any one of above mentioned thing is disturbed.  So in these circumstances it is high time to pay attention towards agribusiness in order to gain high profits and generate good revenue, population of Pakistan is getting increased day by day and facing of paucity of many crops is quite common in order to overcome these problem it is necessary to pay attention towards agricultural growth with the help of agribusiness.

Basically the word agribusiness is the blend of two very important words one is agriculture and the other is business so in easy words we can say that the business of agricultural commodities, diary and milk products, forestry and fisheries   is known as agribusiness, or the business which is done by business operations in different agro zones. History shows that in Pakistan horticultural progress and growth become possible due to interest of private entrepreneurs especially in case of banana and citrus both of these crops where introduced in Pakistan by private business man.

Our beloved country Pakistan is being included in mal nutrition countries many people are dying due to hunger and weakness which is also reason of paralysis in many people .in present circumstances it is high time to shift the business towards agribusiness not only high revenue will be  generated from business but a person can also serve humanity as well.

We are lacking in agricultural research then any others countries which is very harmful in future countries can use bt cotton as biological weapon to destroy Pakistan economic growth of cotton sector because a big part of area of cotton is cultivated by bt cotton it  is high time to pay attention towards research, because by research we can fight for our rights and we can prevent our business from losses and earn high profits this can only be happened if we invest in this sector and do proper business operation right from pre harvest operations till post harvest management practices.

It is very famous quote :

If you ask what you are going to do about global warming, the only rational answer is to change the way in which we do transportation, energy production, agriculture and a good deal of manufacturing. The problem originates in human activity in the form of the production of goods.

Barry Commoner
So with the help of agribusiness and efforts for sustainable growth of business right from production operations of agricultural commodities and proper livestock management we can not only boost our economy but can overcome paucity of food related issue but also can compete global warming.


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