Chemical fertilisers: ‘shortage will increase prices of rice’

May 13, 2014- BR Report


Former Member, FBR and Jamaat-e-Islami’s think-tank on economic affairs Sarfraz Ahmed Khan has said that the shortage of chemical fertilizer for rice crop would bring down cultivation of rice and raise its price, adding to the problems of the masses.

In a statement on Monday he said that the government’s ad-hoc policy to run power plants by gas after suspending gas supply to fertilizer plants would create serious shortage of chemical fertilisers, especially Urea for the next Kharif crop and cause huge loss to the farmers. Sarfraz Ahmed said that the government had stopped gas supply to fertiliser factories at a time when it was most essential for the Kharif crop.

He said even if the government decided to import fertilizer, it would taken from four to five months in reaching the input to the growers through distributors whereas there was hardly one a half month time in the start of the rice cultivation. Such ad-hoc policies of the rulers had pushed the countries agriculture and industry to the brink of ruin, he added.


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