Weather advisory for farmers issued

May 03, 2014- BR


The Meteorolo-gical department has issued following weather advisory for the farmers for the period from May 01 to 10. Temperature Forecast: Temperature is likely to be above normal in the agricultural plains of the country during the decade.

Rain Forecast: Mainly dry weather is expected. However light to moderate rainfall is expected mostly over upper and central parts of the country.

Wind Forecast: Dust storm/ gusty wind conditions likely to prevail in the lower half of the country.

Advisory for Farmers: Wheat crop is growing in wax to full maturity in the agricultural plains of KP and Balochistan. Whereas harvesting/ threshing of wheat crop has been completed in agricultural plains of Sindh and adjoining areas of southern Punjab. Farmers are therefore advised to harvest the full matured crop so that cultivation of the coming cotton crop may be possible in time. During the harvesting process, farmers are advised to keep listening and watching carefully the weather advisories issued through radio and television. Due to rising day time temperature, cotton and sugarcane farmers should irrigate the crops as per requirement in Southern Punjab and Sindh.

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