FAO forecasts Pakistan 2014 Rice Exports at 3.3 Million Tons, Up 6% from Previous Year

Apr 29, 2014- Oryza.


The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates Pakistan’s 2014 rice exports will increase to about 3.3 million tons, up about 6% from about 3.1 million tons exported in 2013, according to its Global Information and Early Warning System on food and agriculture report (GIEWS).

FAO has forecasted Pakistan’s paddy rice production will increase to about 9.8 million tons in 2014, up about 2% from about 9.63 million tons produced in 2013 due to increase in total paddy rice area . It forecasts total planted area under rice at 2.8 million hectares in 2014, slightly higher than last year.

FAO reports that severe floods for the fourth consecutive year in 2013 damaged all crops, including rice, and affected at least 1.5 million people, particularly in Punjab and Sindh provinces. A powerful earthquake in Pakistan’s Balochistan province in September 2013 affected nearly 300,000 people. The above two factors, coupled with cereal production shortfalls in Sindh province, have led to food insecurity in the country.

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