Food department’s timely action against wheat hoarders lauded

April 22, 2014


Sindh Food Department’s timely action has shattered the dreams of wheat hoarders who have been fleecing the people by selling wheat at exorbitant rates. Hasjim Sharja Wala, a leading wheat trader, told Business Recorder: “The allegation of Flour Mills Association about the restriction of wheat coming to Karachi is baseless. Karachi is neither facing any wheat crisis now nor will it face such a crisis in near future. Wheat hoarders only want to fill their pockets by storing extra wheat to create an artificial shortage.”

He lauded the efforts of Sindh Food Minister, Jam Mehtab Dahar, saying that the minister has already warned that stern action would be taken against the hoarders of wheat. Sindh Food department’s deputy director Shahid Khan said: “The mill owners are allowed to take their wheat to their godown after showing their licenses at the check posts. We are taking action those bringing wheat illegally to Karachi.”

He further said: “Food Department takes strict action against the mill owner if we find more than 10,000 bags of wheat at any mill.” Commenting on the All Pakistan Flour Mill Association’s decision of going on a strike and discontinuing the supply of wheat from Tuesday, the Food department’s official termed it `an illegal’ act.

He said that government has to achieve the target of 13 million tons and till the target was not achieved, mill-owners cannot store wheat over and above the quantity allowed to them. Total quantity of bags that could be owned by a flour mill is 10,000, but the wheat hoarders try to stock 50,000 bags of flour, he said, adding that over storage of wheat at go-downs created flour crisis in Karachi.

Courtesy  Recorder

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