Trees may be used to develop hi-tech energy storage devices

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Trees may be used to develop hi-tech energy storage devices CC BY 3.0 Indi Samarajiva/

Scientists at Oregon State University are successful to discover a simple process by which cellulose of the trees can be used to develop hi-tech energy storage devices like supercapacitors.
Energy storage is one of the big limitations for effective use of electronic gadgets, automobiles and other technologies. Supercapacitors are the answer to this limitation. However, nothing incredible has been reprted so far as it is very costly and difficult o manfacture supercapacitors like energy storage device. Therefore, this discovery by scientists of OSU is being thought as a big breakthrough for development of cheap, easy to manufacture, and even green supercapacitors.

It has been found by OSU scientists that Cellulose (A major component of trees and the most abundant organic polymer on earth) can be turned into the building blocks for supercapacitors by heating it in a furnace in the presence of ammonia.
By this new approach (just discovered at Oregon State Univeristy), nitrogen-doped, nanoporous carbon membranes – the electrodes of a supercapacitor –  can be produced at low cost, quickly, in an environmentally benign process. The only byproduct is methane, which may be used immediately as a fuel or for other purposes.
“The ease, speed and potential of this process is really exciting. For the first time we’ve proven that you can react cellulose with ammonia and create these N-doped nanoporous carbon membranes, ” said Xiulei (David) Ji, an assistant professor of chemistry in the OSU College of Science.
“We’re going to take cheap wood and turn it into a valuable high-tech product,” he further said.

Please learn the full report on Oregon State University web.


About the OSU College of Science:  As one of the largest academic units at OSU, the College of Science has seven departments and 12 pre-professional programs. It provides the basic science courses essential to the education of every OSU student, builds future leaders in science, and its faculty are international leaders in scientific research.

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