Denmark seeks stronger agriculture ties with Pakistan, says ambassador

April 08, 2014- Online

ISLAMABAD: Denmark has expressed its keen interest in extending the agricultural ties with Pakistan. During an interview, Danish envoy to Pakistan Jesper Moller Sorensen said that various Danish companies are taking keen interest in Pakistan’s energy, economy and agricultural sectors. The Danish envoy stated that the officials from a Danish company, DNP, are on their visit to Pakistan, and their products have received a very positive feedback from the public. Jesper highlighted that he is happy in strengthening the business ties between the two countries.

Jesper was of the view that there are vast opportunities of investment by the Danish companies in Pakistan and he is personally informing the Danish companies about the scope of investment in the sectors of recyclable energy, public health, agriculture and dairy sectors. He said that the purpose of the promotion of trade and investment in Pakistan is provision of better opportunities to the Pakistani people. “Denmark has thousands of companies involved in the agriculture, farming, and dairy industry.

But where should we focus – seeds, dairy products, cow’s milk, or equipment? I see lots of opportunities, but we need to have a better understanding. Now we have a team coming to Pakistan that will help us identify exactly which areas are the most relevant,” Jesper added.

Elaborating further, he maintained that a team comprising of Danish agriculture experts has reached Pakistan on a one-week visit, during which it would conduct a study after reviewing the Pakistani agriculture sector. He observed that the delegation would conduct a deep study to examine the opportunities. Jeper informed that after the study, the Danish experts would highlight various areas in Pakistani agriculture where the Danish companies may invest or find some business opportunities. Regarding the energy crisis in Pakistan, the Danish ambassador said that solar tube wells could prove a good option for the improvement in the areas of agriculture. Regarding the GSP Plus status to Pakistan, Jesper said that the decision of the European Union (EU) would result in increase in the Pakistan’s textile export and greater business opportunities which would result in the stability of the economy.

He said that prominent Danish company BW Volund, specialising in biomass and waste-to-energy, has visited Karachi and met representatives of seven Pakistani companies to discuss projects. He expressed his desire to strengthen the economic, trade and business ties with Pakistan adding that various Danish companies are interested in the Pakistan’s economy.

Courtesy Daily Times

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