by Dr. Zaytoon Zaheer (Deputy Editor Veterinary News & Views)

poster-presentationProfessor Dr.Iftikhar Hussain(Director) & Dr.Sajjad-Ur-Rehman organized a professional event which encouraged the students to present their efforts for fungal isolation in the form of poster presentation.Students from Mphil Microbiology( 1st semester) actively participated and presented their practical experiences regarding different applied aspects of Mycology:
1.Isolation of Fungal species having potential for biotechnological production of organic acids.
2.Isolation & Identification of medically important fungi.
3.Isolation & Identification of environmental fungi.
4.Isolation & Identification of food fungi.
5.Isolation & Identification of fungal species having potential for enzyme production.
6.Isolation & Identification of Fungal species of Veterinary importance.
7.Isolation of fungal species producing Antibiotics.
44 students participated in this event and were appreciated  by the teachers for their efforts.


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