Raising wheat support price is provinces’ matter: Bosan


January 26, 2014

Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research (NFSR) Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan on Saturday said the government did not increase the support price of wheat and it was a matter of provinces to increase or not. Provinces, according to him, did not agree to revise the prices. “We have made a crackdown against sugar Mafia and forced it to clear the dues of farmers and we have allowed the sugar mills to export its sugar after clearance of farmers’ dues.”

Talking to media men after inaugural ceremony of energy savers among the consumers, he said there was no shortage of wheat in the country nor would be in future. He declined to comment on the Pervez Musharraf’s treatment in Pakistan or abroad, and said “since the matter is subudice, I can’t comment on it.” Responding to a question about the Taliban, the Minister said the government had both options of operation or dialogue for the security of Pakistan but “we would prefer to hold talk with them and these should be fruitful.”

The Minister said that resent regime had added 1700 MW electricity in the system and it was distributing 35 million energy savers among the consumers which would help in saving the 1300 MW electricity. He further said that Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) would distribute 57,00,000 energy savers worth Rs 1,850 million and those would save the 250 to 300 MW electricity in Multan region. He said media should play its role to check the power theft and energy saving.

Courtesy Business Recorder

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