Punjab government urged to adopt austerity: Agriculture

Agri Forum of Pakistan (AFP)
Agri Forum of Pakistan (AFP)

January 26, 2014

Agri Forum Pakistan (AFP) Chairman Dr Ibrahim Mughal has urged the Punjab government to adopt austerity and divert the funds allocated for luxurious spending to the public welfare oriented projects. Commenting upon some media reports that the Punjab government was planning to buy 80 vehicles and 10,000 mobile phones for bureaucrats, Mughal warned the rulers to avoid from any such luxurious spending.

He said rulers who speak preach public about austerity should also control their lavish expenditures. He said that buying new 80 vehicles and mobile phones was equal to injustice on those 90 million people of the province who could not afford two times meal.

He said it was also an injustice that new phones would be purchased from taxpayers’ money and names of those who would use these gadgets kept confidential from the masses. Dr Ibrahim Mughal said that there should have been a complete five years ban on purchasing any new vehicle or other luxury items and government can collected Rs 100 billion by saving from these heads and it could provide poor flour at Rs 20 per kilogram, sugar at Rs 30 per kilogram, rice at Rs 60 per kilogram, pulses at Rs 40 per kilogram and ghee at the rate of Rs 125 per kilogram. He said that bureaucrats should use metro or other public transport to come to offices and if somebody insists then he should buy vehicle from his own pocket.

Courtesy Business Recorder

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