3rd Intl. Conference of Pakistan Phytopathological Society


3rd International Conference of Pakistan Phytopathological Society on “Climate Change and Plant Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities”

The Pakistan Phytopathological Society is organizing its 3rd international conference on “Climate Change and Plant Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities” at the Department of Agriculture & Agribusiness Management, University of Karachi, Karachi (Pakistan) during January 23-25, 2014.

A large of number of participants from various research and teaching organizations of the country and various foreign institutes will be attend the conference. The event will provide a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas between national and foreign participants. It will be appreciable if your reputable organization can support this worthwhile program through your contribution. Your support will be a source of encouragement and elation for the young organizers of this event. It will also promote goodwill to your prestigious organization since a large section of print and electronic media will be covered the event.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser

Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi

Prof. Dr. Abid Azhar
Dean Faculty of Science, University of Karachi

Conference Chairman
Prof. Dr. Nazir Javed,
President, Pakistan Phytopathological Society,
Univ. of Agri. Faisalabad

Organizing Committee
Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Chairman PARC, Islamabad
Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro, Chairman PSF Islamabad
Dr. Abdul Ghaffar, University of Karachi
Dr. Sultan M. Khan, Univ. of Agri. Faisalabad
Dr. M. Ashraf Randhawa, Univ. of Agri. Faisalabad
Dr. Riaz Ahmad Chohan, Univ. of Agri. Faisalabad
Dr. S.M. Mughal, Arid Agri. Uni. Rawalpindi
Dr. M.A. Maqbool, NNRC, University of Karachi
Dr. Mumtaz Hussain, AARI, Faisalabad
Dr. Irfan Ul Haq, PMAS Arid Agri. Uni. Rawalpindi
Dr. A. Hakeem Shaikh, Federal Urdu University
Dr. Atta H. Soomro, DG, Agri. Research Sindh
Dr. Anjum Munir, NARC, Islamabad
Dr. Nazeer Chaudhary, Director NIA Tandojam
Dr. Maqsood A. Rustamani, SAU Tandojam
Dr. Abdul Rauf Bhutta, FSC&RD, Islamabad
Dr. Ahmad Saleem Akhtar, Faisalabad
Dr. Farhat Fatima Jamil, NIAB, Faisalabad
Dr. Shahbaz Talib Sahi, Univ. of Agri. Faisalabad
Dr. Ch. Abdul Rauf, Arid Agri. Uni. Rawalpindi
Dr. M. Sarwer Alam, NIAB, Faisalabad
Mr. Shamadad Khanzada, NIA, Tandojam
Dr. M. Arif Chohan, KPK Agri. Univ. Peshawar
Dr. M. Saleem Haider, Univ. of Punjab, Lahore
Mr. M. Mithal Jiskani, SAU, Tandojam
Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Uni. College of Agri. Sargodha
Dr. Tariq Mukhtar, Arid Agri. Uni. Rawalpindi
Dr. Munawar R. Kazmi, ACIAR
Dr. H. U. Khan, PSF Islamabad
Dr. Rashida Atiq, BZU, Multan
Dr. Ghulam Mohiuddin, PPRI, Faisalabad
Dr. Muhammad Shahid, AARI, Faisalabad
Dr. Atiq-Ur-Rehman Rattu, NARC, Islamabad
Mr. Ahmad Khan, Agriculture College Quetta
Dr. M. Javed Zaki, University of Karachi
Dr. Shaheena Fayyaz, NNRC, Uni. of Karachi
Dr. Shazia Iftikhar, FJWU. Rawalpindi
Dr. M. Abid, Federal Urdu University, Karachi
Dr. S. Asim Rehan Kazmi, CDRI, PARC, Karachi
Dr. S. Ehtesham-ul-Haq, University of Karachi
Dr. Syed Jawad Ahmad Shah, NIFA, Peshawar
Mr. M. Ashraf Soomro, SHRI, Mirpurkhas
Dr. Muhammad Ali Khanzada, SAU, Tandojam
Dr. Rehana Naz Syed, SAU, Tandojam
Dr. Abdul Razak, Karakoram Int. University
Dr. M. Omar Khan, University of Karachi
Mr. Amjad Shahzad Gondal Arid Agri. Uni. Rawalpindi
Dr. Hadi Bux, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

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