Chinese team visit at National Mushroom Festival Pakistan

national-mushroom-festival1The one-day workshop entitled “National Mushroom Festival in Pakistan and Capacity Building Workshop for Representatives of Qadir Bakhsh Farms Members & Zarai Media  Farming Revolution Practitioners” in Fasilabad 19, January, 2014. Chinese team visit at National Mushroom Festival as they were getting ready for to participants raise awareness about practical growing technology of mushroom domestic and commercial level. Also mushrooms cooking recipes show with outdoor design kitchen . A small domestic mushroom growing farm will also present as model for participants.

Media Partners of festival:-
Presedent of group
Khalid Mahmood Shouq
Tariq Tanveer
Sajid Iqbal Sandhu
Khurram Shahzad
Munazza Javaid
Safeer Abbas
Akhlaq Khan Kakar
Our aim to organize mushroom festival is to educate the consumer of mushroom and to promote the awareness about mushroom’s health benefits.

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