Saudi official sees benefits for exporters

pakistan-saudiLAHORE: Pakistani exporters could gain trade benefits from the potential poultry product and live animal markets of Saudi Arabia, said a foreign government official.

Director Quarantine Department, and head of four-member Saudi delegation, Usamah Al Saleh said this in a meeting with the Director General Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) Sher Afgan Khan on Friday.

He said Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest importer of live animals for slaughtering purposes during the Hajj season. Senior officers of TDAP Mrs Roubina Toufeeq Shah, Riaz Ahmed, Baqir Hussain and Salman Jamil included the meeting, while Saudi delegates comprise of Ismail Ibrahim, Waleed Aljohani and a Pakistani coordinator from Saudi Arabia Abdul Waheed Khawaja.

Usamah said, “He has not found any level of difference between the standards of poultry units operated in Pakistan as compared to that in Saudi Arabia and USA”.

“Both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are Islamic countries and in this regard Halal foods and slaughtering of animals in Islamic way are common.”

He hoped that the import of live animals and poultry products from Pakistan would increase through mutual trade interaction.

Director General TDAP said that the authority was playing a pivotal role in enhancing bilateral trade relation between the two countries. He informed the delegates that Saudi Arabia was a big market of fresh fruits and other food items, including poultry and livestock from Pakistan.

During the meeting, Dr Bashir Mehmood Bhatti, secretary general and technical advisor of Pakistan Poultry Association, said that the Saudi delegates were satisfied with their visit to the Islamabad-based reference lab for poultry diseases.

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