K&N’s Foods Establishes Poultry Operations in US

poultry-knsPAKISTAN & US – K&N’s Foods, the largest poultry operation in Pakistan, inaugurated a poultry processing facility in Fulton, New York, on 3 January 2014.The company will sell Halal chicken products in the United States and Canada under the brand name of “K&N’s Foods USA, LLC”. Beginning in the spring of 2013, the company invested more than $5 million in the purchase and renovation of a former Birds Eye plant which will employ almost 200 people in the Fulton area.

Initially, K&N will focus on value-added processing of poultry purchased from other slaughter plants. The target market for these products will be specialty ethnic stores, supermarkets, and food service operations.FAS-Islamabad has worked closely with K&N’s to facilitate imports of US poultry stock to Pakistan and assist in development of the new processing facility in the United States. The firm’s owner and CEO, Khalil Sattar, is a close contact of FAS.

The FAS office provided assistance with visa referrals and by arranging meetings in the United States for company leaders and managers as they assessed the market, established the plant, and trained the staff in Halal practices.The K&N’s group became involved in the poultry business in 1964. Today K&N’s is a modern, vertically-integrated poultry business with operations ranging from production of breeding stock to retail shops. The group is engaged in feed-milling, grandparent operations, parent stock production, pullet growing, hatching, broiler production, and processing. K&N’s has six broiler growing facilities, each with a capacity of 250,000 to 300,000 birds.

The company has over 60% of market share in frozen and value addition chicken meat products. The primary outlet for these products is through a chain of highly rated K&N’s Chicken Stores, which sell chicken and value-added products in Pakistan’s 15 largest cities.

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