Food safety and it’s importance in food industry

Iqra Junejo

food-safety-zaraimediaAccording to codex standard food safety is assurance that food will not cause any harm when prepared and/or eaten according to its intended use. And according to codex standard food safety hazard is a biological physical or chemical agent in/or condition of food with that potential to cause an adverse effect on health.

The codex of practice recommended international code of practice general hygiene CAC|RCP-1-1969, Rev 4-2003 about food safety states that “manager should ensure effective procedure are in place to deal with any food safety hazard and to enable the complete ,rapid recall of any implicated lot of the finished food from the market where a product has been drawn because of an immediate health hazard, other products which are produced under similar condition and which may present a similar hazard to public health , should be evaluated for safety and may need to be with drawn the need for public warning should be considered.”

Food safety is important to prevent food products from contamination and corruption of food products by hazards or contamination. In order to ensure food safety in the premises of food industry inspection should be done on the regular basis that there is no pest infestation and there is no chance of contamination of food products and not only inspection is important but grading of food products should also be done because grading is the process of analyzing food relative to specific, defined standards in order to check the quality of products, it is an optional procedure but inspection is often required by law.

Food safety is very important for the industry where open food is being prepared or processed and for this purpose hand washing is very important and it should be carried out correctly by every employee on the premises of that industry and protective cloths, disposable gloves, hairnets should be worn in order to avoid food from contamination and visitors to the food factory should carry out all the precaution same as employees of that industry for food safety.

If any employee of industry is ill it is his or her responsibility to inform his or her supervisor or manager and they should not report at work, and it is responsibility of supervisor or manager to ensure that ill employee are not working until they get fine.

If proper food safety measures are not followed, these can be responsible for food poisoning or food infection and can cause adverse effects on human health death may occur in case of serious food poisoning or food infection.

Food poisoning is the illness which is caused by germ produced poisons like staphylococcus poisoning this can be found in meat and poultry and botulism found in canned food can also be responsible for food poisoning in humans.

While food infection is the illness caused by germs found in the food like salmonellosis and clostridium perfringens. Infection caused by salmonellosis occurs with in 12-48 hrs after taking food having that germ while infection caused by clostridium perfringens occurs with in 8-12 hrs. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting are the symptoms of food infections.

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