National Mushroom Festival 2014

national-mushroom-festival-What is a Mushroom?
Mushrooms are unique. They are neither animal nor plant. Some people consider them plants for various reasons, but they differ from plants. They have no real roots, leaves, or stems, and contain no chlorophyll. Actually they are fungi. For this reason they are placed in a kingdom of their own “The Fungi Kingdom”.

Event Details:
It is the Pakistan’s first one day mushroom festival on a national level. You’ll find here; Seminar, Discussion Panel, Mushroom Cooking, Workshop and most importantly the Training of Production Technology. In short, it’s a skill development event without any registration charges.
Yes! It’s a real deal for purely wellbeing and skill development of the community.

Why should you attend this event?
To get efficient and sufficient knowledge about;

The Importance of Mushroom Cultivation
•    Nutritional value
•    Medicinal value; Consumption of mushrooms slows down the spread and effect of cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS (by boosting the immune system).
•    Income generation and
•    Employment creation.

Advantages of Mushroom Growing
•    Use of idle structures,
•    Involvement of small initial capital,
•    Possible production all the year round
•    Use of Agricultural waste as substrate- mostly waste materials from farms, plantations or factories.
•    Is a Biodegrader hence environmental conserver.
•    Consumption benefits of mushrooms

•    To spread the awareness about this awesome gift of nature
•    To create employment and to encourage the public to adopt mushroom farming as a business.
•    To make the community skillful in mushroom production
•    To give the knowledge in the selection of spawn and complete guidance to establish an entrepreneurial firm.
•    To falsify the traditional beliefs of some about the mushrooms.
•    To certify the students and other enthusiasts.*

Who Can Participate?
Hey, Friend! If you are a nature lover and want to start your own business then why are you waiting for…., we are looking forward to you. Come on! Join Us…!

Want To Be A Volunteer?
We’ve limited seats for the National Mushroom Festival’s volunteer. So, if you want to be  a volunteer and participate in the Pakistan’s first Mushroom Festival as a volunteer, We encourage you to fill the following form.

Volunteer Registration Form

QADIR BAKHSH FARMS 199 RB near Gatwala forest park, Shah Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan-37620 (website:

At 11:00 a.m. On Sunday, 19 January. 2014
Registration Fee:
O’ Come on! This opportunity is free of cost. There are not any registration charges to participate. But you’ve to register yourself at the given link as without registering, you cannot participate. So, Please! Make Sure To Be Registered.

Participant Registration Form
For More Information Please, Contact;
Akhlaq Khan Kakar +92306-6728484
Munazza Javaid +92313-5599054
Khurram Shahzad +92333-8731556
Muhammad Safeer Abbas Jafrey +92334-9899419
Note: Certificates would be distributed to participants (more information is given on the registration form)*

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