Dog Grooming: Veterinary Practices

veterinary-practicesVeterinary Practices: Dog grooming involves looking after all aspects of coat, skin care and appearance. Groomers are responsible for brushing, combing, bathing, shampooing, drying, clipping, stripping and trimming the dogs that come into grooming centres. It is a fun, hands-on role, ideally suited to someone with a practical disposition and great affection for animals.

The key purposes of the dog grooming qualification are:

to give students the ability to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to groom animals safely and competently
to allow students to grow as individuals and give them the chance to learn life skills essential for professional development

Training is work-based and ongoing in one of our training veterinary practices. The grooming requirements of dogs differ from breed to breed, therefore groomers will learn about different types of coat, techniques and cuts. Similarly, students will learn how to use, clean and maintain equipment used for grooming, as well as the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the animal care working environment.

Qualification delivery

Students can undertake the qualification on a full or part-time basis. Practice skills and competence is central to this qualification.

Entry requirements

Selection is by interview for employment with an approved grooming parlour.

A confidence with handling animals is an important requirement for the qualification in dog grooming. An openness to learn and good interpersonal skills are also important, as well as a commitment to animal welfare.

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