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Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

Agricultrue: The word tissue culture is getting popularity because of its benefits like high and improved yield of plants and other agricultural commodities , it can also provides multiple employment  opportunities following things are necessary to remember while investing in plant tissue culture sector.

Only 2 to 3 persons are required to run the laboratory, but they must be technically well informed and trained they must be capable enough to handle all the situations.

Work on PLANT TISSUE CULTURE (in Pakistan) is being done in NARC (ISL), near Tando Jam (lab of private entrepreneur), Commercial Lab (ISL), H.E.J (UOK), Botanical Garden (UOK), DHA Lab (KHI), Ayub Agriculture (Faisalabad).
2-3 years are required for technical back up from plant tissue culture laboratory.
Matric pass student can also work in the laboratory, No specific or special qualification is required to run the lab.

There are no specific rules and regulations required to run the laboratory but only concerned and authorized persons should be allowed to enter in the laboratory in order to maintain the aseptic environment of laboratory but lab should be near to road in order to minimize transport expenses.

Plant produced by plant tissue culture is of good quality and genetically identical to mother plant but some times variation comes after one year and we can’t produce disease resistant varieties only disease and virus free varieties can be produced from plant tissue culture.

Varieties of different plants are not developed in Pakistan only varieties of different plants are being introduced in Pakistan; people take small parts of different plants from foreign countries and practice tissue culture techniques on these parts.

There is no harmful effect of this technique and plant tissue culture products don’t create any problem but it is expensive (plant tissue products).

There are no legal requirements for establishing the laboratory.

No specific rules and regulations are required about the size of laboratory, it is depended on you how much amount you want to invest on it and on what scale or capacity you want to establish a laboratory.

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