Rice exporters demand QRC control back to Reap

December 13, 2013

riceQuality Review Committee (QRC) has become ineffective under the control of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) that has resulted in decline of basmati rice exports, exporters told Business Recorder on Thursday. Exporters said a fair sampling by QRC would ensure quality supplies of product hence increasing the fame of Pakistan produce across the globe, if QRC’s control is given back to Reap.

Since TDAP has taken charge of QRC, it has created limitations for exporters and damage to Basmati exports due to absence of quality checking instruments in the authority, for the last couple of years,. they added

Exporter further said “When QRC, was controlled by Reap it was known to be a very effective and useful committee regarding formulating data, based on region and country-wise export from Pakistan across the globe, but now it has become dysfunctional.”

“The analysis of such data when pointed out the decreasing trends of exports in a region Reap used to find out the reasons for such decreasing trend, and took timely steps for increase of exports,. they claimed.

While accusing TDAP the exporters said that the authority has been taking funds under the pretext of providing services of Quality Review Committee (QRC) since March 2012 but the authority remained unsuccessful to maintain the quality checking that has reduced basmati rice exports.

Meanwhile the senior Vice Chairman Reap, Chela Ram, has urged TDAP to shift QRC controls back to REAP for increasing exports of rice.

Courtesy Business Recorder

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