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hot-topicsHot Topics: As I take a peek in the last 10 years of my life I and stranded alone and in a dark crevice where the PVMC and the Elite Academicians and Policy makers have put to me.

My name is “Veterinarian”. It took me a decade to clear my matriculation with flying colors though ten years or twenty years ago they were not very colorful as compared to today where a student is taking 90% marks in matriculation to continue to FSc (Premedical). Another two years were spent in my FSc (premedical) where I got near 90% to get admission in one of the most humane and humble professional degree called DVM, A degree which was not my choice my choice was MBBS (Mian Biwi Bachey Samate) a very lucrative business oriented degree in which we learn the double faced community tempering techniques in which we sit in hospital squashing flies and play with high tech gadgetery in the evening earning from the bellows of the poor to fill our pockets and build high rises for our next generation, Alas but I was strangled to be a veterinarian yearning and learning to earn from the pocketless poor animals, which were not social enough to give us money or just a  pat on the back. Our patients would give up their lives and the daily ration of their young ones to nurture the ever gluttony motivated human race.

Alas I studied with half heart in the two years after FSc dreaming and yearning for a name in the medical admission list but in vain. The three years which followed started to make my heart beat for the animals that makes 5 years of DVM and a total of 17 years of schooling which was required  to be called a veterinarian or Doctor this is how I got me name.


The doctor part was still not mature enough because when I joined a university as a lecturer the registrar told me you can not write doctor here because you are not a PhD degree holder. My fellow name sakes some of those who did not get a job started doing M. Phil ( 2-3 Years) and later got admission in PhD (5 years) so people of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan a Veterinarian to be called a Veterinarian or a Veterinary Doctor it takes a minimum of 17 years and a maximum of 25 years of rigorous training and education.

Now here comes the rich money bags and the foreign aids. Without any effort or FSc (Premedical) on the basis of matriculation degree there are “Super Instant Vets” like Nestle’s Instant coffee they come in sachets of 6 month course they are given bikes and AI tools which are wreak havoc in villages like super antigens comes the UK and US funded short courses instead of helping the poor they make the Poor from the seed dough they retain from one month short course to six month short course mixing the injections with half medicine and half water the keep practicing in the villages with there sharp tongues and local dialect the make my name a bad name.

These foreign funded agencies don’t feed the poor they feed the technocrats no university fund no electricity payment pay it to the technocrat and give the instant vet or super vet one thousand rupees per month to alleviate poverty may be my choice of word is wrong but that is what I understand from the picture I am seeing for the last one decade. Who started all this are there any regulations governing this or what PVMC is doing to regulate this many questions arise but I “veterinarian” humbly submit to this atrocity and sleep till the new dawn. Just Think.
Hot Topics

Haroon Rashid Chaudhry & Abdul Qayyum
College of Veterinary Sciences, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
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