Russia to lift ban on kinnow import from Dec 9

By Tanveer Sher


KARACHI: In a move aimed at giving green signal for export of kinnow to Russia during December to April of fiscal year 2013-14 from Pakistan, the Russian government will lift the three months ban from December 9, which will allow Pakistani exporters to accomplish a record export target of around 300,000 tonnes.

Exports to Russia stand at 80,000 tonnes worth $56 million. A tonne costs Russia $700 per tonne.

It may be recalled here that continuation of the export ban might have caused huge financial losses to the country and fruit exporters as well in the wake of trade restriction on agricultural products most prominently potato and kinnow.

Former All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) chairman Waheed Ahmad informed the scribe that Russian share in the total export volume of kinnow is overwhelming which is expected to be around 80,000 tonnes out of total 300,000 tonnes annual sales.

The resumption of export process and lifting of export ban was made possible owing to incessant efforts of the association during the last three months, however the ban on other agriculture products would remain in place and efforts are on to remove this barrier as well.

“Potato is another major crop of Pakistan exported in bulk to Russia and continued restriction on this agriculture product as well might also spell negative consequences,” he added.

Referring to an official statement by the Russian government regarding lifting of import ban on agriculture product from Pakistan, Ahmad said that Pakistani product conform to the international standard and to the strict criteria set by the Russian Quarantine Department.

The PFVA believes that the decision would go a long way helping realise 300,000 tonnes export goal in the next four months, which has never been set before. The export process has already kicked off from December 1 and so far around 700 tonnes of kinnow has already been exported during the last four days to Dubai, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippine, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

Export to Russia would take off from December 9 giving impetus to exporters to endeavour for realisation of their set goals during the stipulated period of time.

In the context of newly opened market of Indonesia, he hoped that around 35,000 tonnes to 40,000 tonnes kinnow would be exported during the next four months.

The former PFVA chairman also appreciated efforts of the Federal Minister for Food Security and Research Sikandar Bosan and other related departments for helping lifting of export ban and hoped they would continue their efforts for lifting ban on other agriculture products as well.

Courtesy Daily Times

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