Problems of our fresh fruits sector

By Iqra Junejo

problems-fruits-sectorOur Fresh fruits sector have been facing serious issues related to quality, mishandling in pre and post harvest management and packaging, transportation, quarantine,  Australia had rejected Pakistani fruits, because of poor quality of our fresh fruits.

The most common and alarming issues are the post harvest losses around 35% to 40% throughout the supply chain from farm to table consumption. Pakistan exports only 10 to 15 % of its total production of fruits., Only one variety of kinnow or citrus is being grown in Pakistan while china has developed 8 different varieties of kinowws, same is the case in banana only one variety is cultivated in Pakistan(Cavendish dwarf 95 to 98%) of total area of production and this is the matter of fact that varieties of different fruits are not being developed in Pakistan only varieties of different fresh fruits are being introduced in Pakistan through tissue culture, many growers of Pakistan are not following good and modern agricultural practices because of lack of awareness ,this is major reason of low production of fresh fruits.

There are so many other problems and issues which are responsible for losses in our fresh fruits sector like uneducated and untrained farmers and labor in this sector, unawareness and lack of proper information about pre and post harvest management and usage of new technologies, improper transportation, absence of cold storage, cold storages are essential for shelf life of fruits having perishable nature, bad infrastructure, lack of research in product development of this sector.

Major fruits of Pakistan are mango, banana, apple, dates, guava, peaches, apricot, grapes, pomegranates demand of all these fruits is high in international markets and we can enhance our export and can earn good revenue if pay proper concentration towards this sector and try to over come and solve our problems.

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