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curb-hunger-healthHunger is a weakness that cannot be tolerated by anybody. As all know, food is one of the basic needs of humans. Staying deprived of food for longer periods of time can result to food deprivation, tiredness, fatigue and in serious conditions may hamper the working of our vital body systems. These days, we are very busy with their routine lives. So much so that we do not get time to have proper meals. This has been a reason for affecting the health of many. We stay hungry and than end up eating something instant and non healthy. Hunger makes one eat fast foods, ready to cook meals and packaged food. To avoid consuming such unhealthy food, increase intake of more healthy foods to curb hunger.

Some such healthy foods that curb hunger are enlisted below:-
Fruits and juices – “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”, this phrase should be taken very seriously. Along with apples, many other fruits like bananas, citrus fruits, etc. are handy and can curb hunger to a great extent. Fruits are an excellent source of a lot of vitamins and minerals and are healthy foods that can curb hunger. Also, one can opt for fruit juices that are easily available and are quite hunger fulfilling.

A Big Soup Bowl – Soups are the healthiest foods filled with nutrients. Soups are easy to prepare and can be made from almost any veggies. Cutting a few veggies and boiling them in water, with a pinch of salt and black pepper, is the most simplest and healthy soups. Other healthy substitutes are almond soups, sweet corn soups, tomato soups and so on. You can try making any one of these in a very little time and curb your hunger.

A quick Sandwich – Making a sandwich is very easy and quick. All you need is a packet of bread, some vegetables and sandwich spread. You can make it spicy, sweet and use all the vegetables of your choice. Sandwiches may even be made from tofu, mushrooms and paneer. Sandwiches are healthy snacks that can curb hunger instantly. Just care should be taken that using non wheat bread and a lot of cheese can make the sandwiches just like another unhealthy fast food snack.

Milk and Milk Substitutes – A glass of skimmed and toned milk can be healthy as well as help you cut down extra fats. Milk is easily available everywhere so it is an instant food to curb hunger. Also, milk products like Lassi, Milkshakes, Curd, Buttermilk and Yoghurt are healthy substitutes that curb hunger and are good for our body. Milk and eggs are also a great combination to fight those hunger cravings. Eggs can either be boiled, fried or even raw in that case.

Salads – Using a lot of vegetables and making a salad is the easiest. Just a few spices like pepper, chilli flakes and oregano can make the salad a yummy and healthy snack for your hunger. Salads are also a rich source of nutrients and healthy carbohydrates. So, do not stay hungry or eat those unhealthy snacks that are going to effect your health in a bad way. Above were just a few snacks that can be consumed anytime and anywhere. They are easily available and easy to make. Try these healthy snacks, with addition and alterations of spices and herbs, they can be both tasty and good for your body.

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