Energy Earth Tube Ventilation System

By: Abdul Moiz Dotaenergy-earth-tube-ventilatiLLC (FEETVES) was founded in 2002, in Franklin, TN, USA to develop, patent, and market direct exchange (“DX”) geothermal heating and cooling technologies.

DX technology is an industry term used to describe geothermal heating/cooling systems that do not require an intermediary water exchange loop, as do water-source geothermal systems. By utilizing innovative and propri- FEETVESry approaches to solve what many believed to be irreconcilable problems, FEETVES has shattered major hurdles typically associated with geothermal heating and cooling systems.

FEETVES DX technologies have not only proven to operate at the highest known levels of efficiency, but can also require 20% to 50% less excavated area than properly installed conventional water-source geothermal technolo- gies.

FEETVES designs utilize the most advanced components known to exist… including the environmentally friendly
R-410A refrigerant. More importantly, FEETVES geothermal technologies can be installed for virtually any applica- tion… in almost any environment.

With the introduction of FEETVES technology, realizing ultimate levels of comfort, efficiency, and safety has never been more achievable.
How Geothermal Works

Basically, geothermal heating/cooling systems operate via sub-surface conductive heat transfer, using the natu- rally renewable temperature of the earth’s crust as a heat source in the winter, and as a heat sink in the summer.

Cooling Mode Operation

In the cooling mode, the hot refrigerant (well over 100 degrees F) exiting the compressor is sent directly into the approximate 50 to 60 degree F range deep earth, which now absorbs and takes the heat away. The cooled refrigerant fluid is then circulated through the air handler where it absorbs and removes unwanted heat from the interior air. The heated refrigerant travels to the FEETVES system’s compressor where the process is repeated. Thus, in the cooling mode, the ground removes your heat for free.

Heating Mode Operation

In the heating mode, approximate 50 to 60 degree F range naturally occurring heat from deep within the earth travels to, and is absorbed by, a much colder refrigerant fluid that is circulated within the copper tubing in- side a deep well/borehole. Such naturally occurring heat is transported by the refrigerant fluid to the system’s compressor where the fluid is compressed, thereby raising its pressure and temperature, transforming the 55 degree F temperature into a temperature well over 100 degrees F. The hot refrigerant is then circulated through the finned tubing within an air handler, where the cold return interior air absorbs the heat. The heated air is supplied, via a fan, to the interior air space. With the heat now removed from the refrigerant fluid, it becomes very cold and is re-circulated into the ground to absorb more naturally occurring and renewable heat. Thus, the ground supplies your heat for free.

Hot Water Heating

Utilizing the FEETVES geothermal system’s optional Hot Water Pre-Heater (HWPH), the system can also produce virtually free hot water. Capturing excess heat in the refrigerant, this module can typically provide about 50% of the total hot water needs for an average home or business. Additionally, the FEETVES system can be designed to solely provide heat for low-cost hot water generation for hot tubs, swimming pools, or for in-floor hydronic heating purposes.

FEETVES units can be specifically designed to solely heat water for residential, commercial, and industrial applica- tions at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.
Technology Benefits

FEETVES Geothermal Technologies are believed to be unrivaled in terms of efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. Efficiency
FEETVES technologies have attained the highest known efficiency ratings for a single-speed compressor unit under comparable strenuous test conditions. These ultra-high efficiencies can have a material positive impact on your heating/cooling expenditures. A properly installed FEETVES geothermal system can reduce conventional annual heat- ing and cooling expenses 40% to 80%.



FEETVES geothermal technologies provide ultimate levels of comfort in both heating and cooling modes. While the outside air temperatures significantly fluctuate, the deep ground temperature remains relatively constant. FEETVES systems take advantage of this physical principal to provide cool-crisp air in the summer (typically 48-58F) and warm comfortable air in the winter (typically 90 – 100F).



Noisy outdoor equipment is a thing of the past when you install an FEETVES geothermal system. FEETVES systems utilize copper ground source heat exchangers (“GSHE”) that are deeply buried in the ground. Once installed, no one can see or hear the advanced GSHE hard at work beneath the surface. FEETVES’s designer stainless steel compressor unit makes about as much noise as a household refrigerator and can be placed indoors or outdoors.
Geothermal Installation Techniques

Deep Well (Closed Loop Vertical) Direct Exchange (“DWDX”)
One of the greatest benefits of FEETVES’s patented geothermal technology is the fact that deep wells can now be uti- lized at depths from 100’ to 300’ per hole for a DX system, which requires less ground area exposure than a wa- ter-source system. The high cost and extensive drilling requirements for traditional water-source vertical ground loops have been one of the major hurdles to overcome when considering the installation of a geothermal system. Water-source technologies can require up to 250 feet of borehole depth per ton of design capacity.

FEETVES’s DX technology generally requires only 100 – 120 feet of depth per ton of design capacity.

Further, with the FEETVES system, the need for multiple small (50’ to 75’) wells in older, R-22 based, DX system designs are eliminated. For example, instead of having to use six 50’ wells, the FEETVES technology only requires one 300’ well to be installed. Such an ability to reduce borehole numbers, and to operate at significantly greater depths than older, first generation, DX designs, decreases installation time and expense, and increases geother- mal heat transfer stability since near-surface temperature fluctuations caused by atmospheric conditions are no longer a significant factor.


FEETVES Deep Well Direct Exchange (“DWDX”) System Installation Procedure
Step 1 – Deep well is drilled by licensed contractor.

Step 2 – FEETVES “seamless” ground loop is installed into the deep well, along with a ‘trimmie tube’ which will be used to transfer cementitious grout to seal up the well.

Step 3 – Deep well is grouted, from the bottom up, with Grout 111. Grout 111 was developed by Brookhaven National Laboratories specifically for geothermal applications. Unlike other grouting materials, Grout 111 is virtually water impermeable, is shrink resistant, is crack resistant, and boasts the highest known heat conductiv- ity of any other known grout in existence. By utilizing this material, and grouting from the bottom up, your in- staller is providing a total seal around the well. This both protects the copper tubing and provides a safe sealant to prevent the cross-contamination of underground acquifers at varying depths.

Step 4 – A shallow trench is excavated to bury the copper tubing that will be used to connect the deep well to the compressor unit, which unit can be positioned either inside or outside your home or business.

Step 5 – The copper heat exchange loops within the well(s) are connected to the FEETVES compressor unit and to the interior air handler.

A DWDX system is generally the most efficient design, as the majority of geothermal heat transfer occurs at depths unaffected by near-surface atmospheric temperature fluctuations. Atmospheric conditions can affect ground temperatures down to about 65.5 feet, or 20 meters of the ground surface.

Other Installation Techniques
In-Ground Installation – When adequate land surface area is available, the copper heat exchange loops can be placed within mostly horizontally oriented trenches, about 4 to 6 feet deep. This installation procedure provides operational efficiencies close to those of a DWDX system, but is typically less costly to install.

In-Water Installation – When adequate water is available, such as a lake, a stream, a bay, or an ocean, subject to obtaining appropriate permits, the copper heat exchange loops can simply be placed under the water. This is typically the most economical installation procedure, which also typically provides operational efficiencies close to those of a DWDX system.
Geothermal and the Environment

FEETVES is proud to provide consumers with the opportunity to purchase highly efficient products that are 100% environmentally friendly. Copper is a naturally occurring element that has been used in pipe form to convey drinking water for centuries. All sub-surface fluid components are deemed non-hazardous by OSHA Reporting Material Safety Data Sheets, and are deemed safe for sub-surface installation (safe for both ground and ground water) by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Further, due to its relatively even and low op- erational energy requirements, the FEETVES system will help to reduce dependency on foreign and/or expendable energy sources, and will help to reduce electric utility brown-out and black-out concerns.

Unlike other, first generation, DX designs which utilized R-22 or a similar refrigerant, all FEETVES systems have been engineered to operate on the new R-410A refrigerant. Since R-410A poses absolutely no threat to the earth’s ozone layer, it is one of the most environmentally friendly and safest refrigerants to utilize. Further, all R-22 (Freon) systems in the U.S.A., and in other countries adhering to the Montreal Protocol, will be affected by the upcoming phase-out of R-22. Thus, your selection of FEETVES’s R-410A refrigerant system will eliminate this expensive obsolescence concern, which will soon present itself to millions of others.

Energy Indepence Option

The FEETVES system requires such a small amount of power to operate that the use of an FEETVES heating/cooling system, in conjunction with a renewable electric power source (solar, wind, hydro, etc.) can be economically feasible. Please contact FEETVES to discuss available options for your specific region/application.

For a complete overview of the FEETVES technology and the environment please download and read the following articles:
Benefits For The Home

By selecting an FEETVES geothermal system for you home, you are selecting state-of-the art equipment providing ultimate levels of comfort and savings. Benefits of installing an FEETVES unit include:

* Reduce your heating/cooling expenditures up to 80%.
* Experience ultimate levels of indoor comfort.
* Improve aesthetics of your home – FEETVES technologies have no exposed and noisy outdoor equipment.
* Increase the re-sale value of your home.

FEETVES systems can typically be installed within one to two days, exclusive of interior ductwork . Each system will typically only require several trenches and/or one to two 5” -6” inch diameter boreholes drilled to depths of 300 feet or less. Once the holes have been drilled, the refrigerant transport copper tubing is inserted, and the remain- ing empty space is typically filled with a specially designed heat conductive and protective cementitious grout. The refrigerant tubing is hidden/buried within a trench from the borehole to the structure, where it is simply connected to the compressor unit and air handler.

When sufficient land surface area is available, the system may be mostly installed within only several trenches situated below the frost/heat line. The system is then charged with a safe and environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, that is not on the obsolescence/phase-out list (as is Freon/R-22), so as to be ready for operation.

The compressor unit makes about as much noise as a refrigerator when running and is typically quieter than an electric fan. There is no unsightly and noisy outdoor unit. In areas near the seashore, there is no exterior equip- ment subjected to corrosive salt-water air.
Benefits For The Office

Space heating, cooling, and hot water heating can represent over 50% of total energy consumption for most commercial buildings. The ability to impact this segment can provide a dramatic reduction in total energy ex- penditures per square foot.

By selecting FEETVES geothermal systems for your business, you are selecting state-of-the art equipment providing ultimate levels of comfort and savings.


Benefits of installing FEETVES include:

* Dramatic reduction in energy costs per square foot.
* Increase property rental margins.
* Hedge against rising energy prices.
* Superior indoor air comfort impacting employee comfort and health.
* Ability to decrease square footage of mechanical area via use of compact FEETVES technology.
* Ability to eliminate outdoor equipment exposed to weather damage.
* Increase re-sale value of your business and building property.

The amount of time it takes to install an FEETVES geothermal system will depend on the size of the building/project. Projects may take as little as several days, or as much as several months.

The benefits of FEETVES geothermal systems, when compared to the older water-source geothermal designs include the facts that FEETVES technologies can require 20% to 50% less excavation than properly installed watersource sys- tems, are more efficient, and require less maintence. The dramatic decrease in excavation can provide a much more timely installation and preserve a greater amount of land area for other purposes. Boreholes can be in- stalled under parking and driving areas, along the perimeter of the building, under the building, or even in avail- able nearby land areas. Further, FEETVES technologies do not require the use of water circulation pumps, which can increase available space in your mechanical room and which will totally eliminate broken pump water damage.

Because of its state-of-the-art technology and components, and because of its long-life rugged copper ground loops, FEETVES’s technology may be initially priced higher than a conventional unit. However, a value-conscious in- dividual quickly realizes an FEETVES system ultimately costs less – significantly less – than a conventional system. In fact, it is quite possible to realize a significant increase in cash flow the first month an FEETVES geothermal system is utilized.

It is not uncommon to realize a system payback within several years when favorable rebates, tax credits, and financing are available and utilized. As utility rates and fossil fuel costs rise, your savings will only increase and your playback period will accelerate. Further, your selection of the optional Hot Water Pre-Heater (“HWPH”) can add additional savings by providing a large portion of your hot water requirements virtually for free. There-sale value of a home with heating/cooling bills half those of others in the area, and with enhanced comfort levels, is self-explanatory.


Architects and Builders

Energy efficient homes/buildings are becoming one of the leading design/purchase factors for consumers and business owners. Leading builders and architects realize that “minimum major mechanical” is no longer accept- able for new construction. Consumers are now looking just as much, if not more, at the cost of operating heat- ing/cooling systems for their home/building as much as the visible aesthetics. In fact, market data has indicated that consumers are willing to pay a premium for energy efficient technologies.

FEETVES geothermal technologies can provide your clients with tremendous benefits as you embark upon the design/
build process. By specifying and selecting FEETVES geothermal technologies, you are validating your commitment to provide your clients with the highest efficiency and comfortable technologies available, all with no noisy and unsightly outdoor units.
Benefits your clients will realize:

* Maximum Comfort. FEETVES systems provide warm, comfortable heat in the winter that typically is supplied in the 90\’s to 100\’s F.
* No noisy and unsightly outdoor equipment.
* Extremely low heating/cooling bills.
* Minimal maintenance and repair expenditures
* Likely to have higher re-sale value.

Benefits your firm will realize:

* Marketing benefits. You provide the best system with the maximum savings.
* Builders may qualify for tax credits/deductions and/or other geothermal system rebates from utility compa- nies.
* Show commitment to environment. FEETVES systems are 100% environmentally friendly.
* Show commitment to building/designing with cutting-edge technologies. FEETVES systems are state-of-the-art.
Interested in Working with FEETVES?


HVAC Dealers/Distributors

Free ENERGY EARTH TUBE VENTILATION SYSTEM, LLC (“FEETVES”) regionalized dealerships and/or distributorships may be available in your area, both in the USA and internationally. If you are interested in promoting FEETVES’s technology in your region, you are welcome to contact us to discuss terms and conditions. Dealerships/distributorships are potentially available for HVAC contractors, for well drillers, or for entrepreneurs capable and willing to set up and manage an appropriate organization.


Geothermal Installers

FEETVES is always interested in speaking with qualified and experienced contractors capable of providing services applicable to its geothermal system installations. Specifically, if you are actively involved with any of the fol- lowing facets of geothermal installation:

* Deep Well Drilling
* Grouting with cementitious Grout 111
* Ground Loop Installation

By: Abdul Moiz Dota
Deptt. Of Food Engineering U.A.F

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